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Carbon4PUR stakeholder event (Register)

As part of the EU Raw Materials Week, Carbon4PUR is organizing a stakeholder event to bring together SPIRE projects, industrial, political and NGO stakeholders in the area of CO2 and CO utilisation. The goal is to create synergies between the project, create a closer cooperation and have a holistic view on the field of CO2 and CO as raw materials. The following SPIRE and EU funded projects will present their take on the subject and the advances in the projects:
  • Carbon4PUR - Turning industrial waste gases into valuable polyurethanes - European research collaboration between steel and chemical industry
  • FReSMe & MefCO2 - Methanol production from flue and residual steel gases
  • ICO2CHEM - From industrial CO2 streams to added value Fischer-Tropsch chemicals
  • RECO2DE & ENGICOIN - Recycling CO2 in the cement industry in production of added-value additives
  • EPOS - Enhanced energy and resource Efficiency and Performance in process industry Operations via onsite and cross-sectorial Symbiosis
  • Steelanol - Transforming carbon-rich industrial waste gases into advanced bio-ethanol
A panel discussion will allow for interaction between all projects and the stakeholders.

A special focus of the event will be on geographical aspects of CO2 and CO as chemical feedstocks: where do we have CO2 and CO sources, where renewable energy and chemical transformation facilities? Do we need pipelines for the gases, is there space for the new utilisation plants?

We will also discuss value chains and cooperations between the different actors.

All participating projects are looking for feedback from the different stakeholders about their projects, depending on the progress of the project: Did the project consider all important aspects? Do you have suggestions for the implementation? Do you see problems?

As a stakeholder, you will get a thorough understanding of the research going on in Europe to use carbon rich gases as ressources. You can also make your voice heard and influence these projects with your feedback. Lastly, this is a great opportunity for networking and to get into contact with researchers and companies working in the field of CO2 and CO utilisation.

Participation is free, but you need to register by November 6th to get access to the building.
Preliminary agenda draft
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Premier educational forum for chemical engineers interested in innovation and professional growth.

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EP Board meeting

Carbon4PUR will be presented at the meeting.
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Innovation developments and projects regarding CO2 utilisation in Europe

The Carbon4PUR project will be presented by Annika Stute from Covestro.
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Universiteit Gent wil be present.
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Food, fibre, feed, fertilizer, fuel and other resources: tho role of LCA in shaping the future.

Universiteit Leiden will participate.
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Past event

German meeting and conference.

The Carbon4PUR project will be presented at a CO2 utilisation session.
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Sustainability through CO2 Utilization

The Carbon4PUR project will be presented by DECHEMA and TU Berlin.
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Past event

The Next Generation of Carbon for the Process Industry

CarbonNext evaluates the potential use of CO2/CO as carbon-feedstock for the process industry in Europe. After two years of intensive work, the project consortium wants to share the major outcomes and results with an interested audience. The main results from CarbonNext will be accompanied by presentations from industrial representatives to show the relevance and transfer of scientific results and industrial needs and to discuss ecological challenges and the economic potential behind the identified opportunities.
Our presentation is available here:
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Past event

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 768919
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