Dear reader, the Carbon4PUR project wants to share some important updates with you after the first project year. We have two upcoming stakeholder events and want to share some updates on past events. Our research has been quite successful, and we're already starting our dissemination and exploitation activities. All public reports will be available on our website, so be sure to have a look from time to time.

Covent garden building, Brussels

General stakeholder event on November 12th 2018 in Brussels

Carbon4PUR will organize an event during the EU Raw Materials Week for all stakeholders interested in the utilisation of CO2 and CO. Several SPIRE and EU funded projects will be presenting their work, network and answer questions during a panel discussion.

Preliminary agenda draft
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Event for local and regional stakeholders of the Carbon4PUR implementation on March 20th 2019 at the harbour Marseille Fos

Carbon4PUR will also organize an event for local stakeholders (authorities, sister projects, companies, local industrial association but also the interested general public) at the harbour in Marseille Fos. The focus will be on the implementation of the Carbon4PUR project on site and possible benefits, risks and open questions for the territory as well as general information about CO2/CO recycling. More information and a save-the-date will follow soon.

Our first results

After approximately one year, Carbon4PUR is happy to present the first published results. We just uploaded our Baseline LCA on conventionally produced polyol PUR and steel mill gas treatment. All upcoming results will always be added to the site.

To the results...

A productive consortium meeting in Gent

Our last meeting in Gent showed that all work packages are advancing and the partners are working together well. We exchanged a lot and are now eager to continue our collaborations.

Consortium meeting, Gent

Focus on Fos industrial port area

The Marseille-Fos Port Authority (MFPA) is the largest port in France, the 6th largest port in Europe and the 2nd largest Mediterranean port. About 400 ports in the world are served from Port of Marseille-Fos. Port activities provide directly and indirectly 43,500 jobs. The port is composed by two harbours 70km apart:

The Eastern harbour (or “East Port”, located in Marseille City) covering an area of 450 hectares. The main activities are goods and passenger Mediterranean traffics (Containers & RoRo ships, Cruise and ship repair). The East Basin traffic represents around 7 million tons and 2,5 million passengers yearly.

The Western harbour in Fos (or “West Port”) is covering an area of 10,000 hectares. This part of the port is dedicated to industrial activities and to the mass traffic such as containers, liquid and dry bulk. The traffic represents 75 million tons yearly.

The Fos area was created in the 1970s with the considerable ambitions of the authorities of the time, and mobilized very significant financial resources.

Currently, the Fos industrial port area has 35 major industries in a variety of sectors such as steel, refining, petrochemicals, energy and industrial gas, offshore construction, etc. These industries enjoy a special relationship with the port terminals in the industrial port area. The industrial port area is a fertile breeding ground for the emergence of a new industrial dynamic designed to be one of the key gears in the metropolitan area’s economic engine. On an industrial scale, the Port is certainly an emblematic place for pooling potential. For the sectors concerned (chemicals, materials, waste processing, metallurgy, etc.), sharing utilities, energy and materials is becoming an obligation in order to contribute, above and beyond each individual industrial unit, to the competitiveness of a platform and thus its attractiveness. This is the current project for the Caban Tonkin industrial innovation platform (PIICTO), which represents a crucible for energy and eciology transition initiatives deployed in the area. The Carbon4PUR project will take place in this innovative industrial ecosystem aiming to link the Arcelor Mittal and the Covesto plants, both already implemented in the Fos industrial area.

Past events

Carbon4PUR was presented at several important events and conferences in the last year, e.g.:

  • CarbonNext final conference, Brussels
  • ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt
  • 19th Annual Handelsblatt meeting Chemie 2018
  • UTECH Europe

To learn more about past and upcoming events, be sure to visit the events section of our website. You can also follow us on twitter to get updates on our event activities.
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